Succulents are water-retaining plants that have evolved over centuries to withstand hard climatic conditions. They require very little care, if any, and thrive on their own. In fact, they are known to thrive on neglect; which makes them perfect for your garden if you have a busy routine and have little time for gardening. We have a large variety of succulents including:  Kalanchoe, Crassula, Echeverias, Agaves, Euphorbias and Aloes


Succulents store water in their roots, stems and leaves. Their need for little care makes them a popular choice amongst the gardeners. Gardeners, and common folks, show interest in these plants because of their ornamental value and resilient nature.


Succulents are beautiful plants, and appear much like the sea corals and give a sea-anemone illusion. However, far from being water plants, they are known as desert plants. They grow perfectly well in dry conditions requiring as little as occasional watering in both summers and winters. However, they require some nitrogen fertilizers for growth and nourishment.

As mentioned earlier, we have a wide variety of succulents that come in brilliantly conspicuous colours, textures and beautiful flowers. 

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