Recent years have seen a surge in Cactus in Sydney. Mainly decorative and ornamental,  cacti are ever-green. While they may not appear to be as appealing as brightly colored seasonal flowers and plants, cacti have their peculiar features that make them a favorite for gardening.

Cacti are succulent plants that are particularly and naturally tolerant to tough climatic conditions. These store water and require very little care, though they need proper drainage. Also, they grow well in pots, outdoors. This easy-to-grow and maintenance feature has increased its demand.


Cacti are naturally tough plants that grow best on its own and add decorative value to a garden or pot. Since they store water, they need watering only once a week, even in harsh summer conditions. In winters, watering once a month suffices. The cacti are known to thrive on their own without much care. This makes the cacti an ideal plant at home.


However, they occasionally need nitrogen fertilizers, as do all plants, for growth, strength and nourishment.

All the features that make the cacti resilient increase its ornamental demand. Furthermore, their peculiar shape and colour add an appealing value to them.

Hamilton's have a wide variety of succulent plants including the cacti. We are a cactus nursery Sydney. Some of the varieties in our nursery include:

  • Lobivia

  • Gymnocalycium

  • Oreocereus

  • Mammillaria

  • Notocactus

We grow 95% of the stock we sell. We have numerous decorative cacti and succulent plants to suit your needs; whether you want it for home or office or garden.

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